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1. Understand your PointsPlus Target

You have an overall budget of PointsPlus values, which includes a daily Target (customized for your height, weight, and other factors), and a weekly Allowance of 49 PointsPlus values. If you've subscribed to Weight Watchers before and followed the POINTS® program, don't try oil extraction machine to wrap your brain around how your old Target relates to your new one; the way that PointsPlus values are calculated is completely different so don't even try to guesstimate. (Learn more about PointsPlus values in the Plan Guide.)

If you've noticed that your daily PointsPlus Target changed recently, that's because we listened to some of your comments. Since our members and subscribers have done such a good job of sticking to healthier foods since the launch of the PointsPlus program, we realized that some of you would benefit from a lower daily PointsPlus Target. However, if you were successful and satisfied at the original Target, you can make further adjustments in your Plan Manager Settings.

2. Know the PointsPlus values of the food you eat

Trying to figure out what to eat can be really frustrating if you have to keep checking numbers. So get into the kitchen. Set aside half an hour to go through your cupboards and fridge at home, and calculate the PointsPlus values for foods that you eat often. You can oil expeller either look on the product's nutrition label and use the

PointsPlus calculator,or look in Find and Explore for the item by name. (Don't worry if you can't find your specific brand; there are thousands of generic foods in the Weight Watchers database to choose from.) And don't be afraid to deface food packaging with a big ol' Sharpie - better to have graffiti in your pantry than anxiety in your meal planning.

You'll quickly find that foods that are higher in protein and fiber, and lower in carbohydrates and fat, will often turn out to be real bargains in terms of the percentage of your daily Target they will eat into. These are great foods to include, but don't be tempted to eat these to the exclusion of all others; your daily PointsPlus Target was calculated with the expectation that your diet will consist of some of the higher PointsPlus value items too (in fact, the shows you just how many of all these items you should include in order to get a healthy and varied diet). Another risk of relying on the bargains too heavily? You'll find the lack of variety may make it harder to stick to the Plan, and you'll be missing out on some essential nutrients only available in higher PointsPlus value items such as oil, dairy and carbs. Learn more about making smarter food choices in the Plan Guide.

You will likely have learned by now that Weight Watchers Power Foods are nutritious and satisfying foods that help to keep you fuller, longer, while also being lower in PointsPlus values. Foods that are marked with a green triangle are Weight Watchers Power Foods, and you can see the full list of them in Find and Explore.

But don't just sit there and read it: Go shopping! Load up your cart with these foods - try some new ones, and find some Weight Watchers recipes to make use of them here. As well as the new food items you might try, you may also be pleasantly surprised by some of the items that make their way into your cart: Bread (reduced-calorie, whole-grain is best), whole wheat pasta, hot cereal, fat-free luncheon meats, and light yogurt are all Weight Watchers Power Foods.

(Previous subscribers please note, though, that a few of what you remember as the Filling Foods, such as avocados and certain soups, are not Weight Watchers Power Foods.)

All that said, a really important part of the Plan is remembering that it's still OK to enjoy treats, to put that premium ice-cream, bottle of Pinot Noir or rib-eye steak into your cart from time to time. Learn how to fit indulgences into your life with the Plan Guide.

You'll need it! All fruit - apples, oranges, strawberries, even bananas and mangoes - have 0 PointsPlus values. They're Weight Watchers Power Foods, and they help you meet your Good Health Guidelines. (Most vegetables also have 0 PointsPlus values.)

Yes, fruit contains calories and sugar, but we've factored this in to your daily PointsPlus Target. Provided you listen to your hunger signals and don't stuff yourself (sorry, we're asking you to forgo the banana-eating contests), you can eat it and still lose weight. If you're not sure how much is too much, just remind yourself that the Good Health Guidelines call for five servings of fruit and veggies every day, or nine servings if you weigh over 350 lbs.

The key is to use fruit as a particularly delicious "tool." Eat a filling banana to keep you away from the vending machine between breakfast and lunch. Have some mango with plain Greek yogurt and honey for a creamy and delicious low PointsPlus values dessert. Or stash an apple in your purse to munch while you rush from place to place.

If the concept of 0 PointsPlus values fruit leaves you with more questions than answers, get more info 5. Know where your tools are

Your contains all the tools to discover the PointsPlus values of the food you want to eat, plus a full database of activities that can earn you extra PointsPlus values. You can take, and retake, the


Your homepage contains tasks we've set for you according to how long you've been following the Plan. If you've been a subscriber for some months, you can still get a jumpstart by following these back-to-basics instructions. Just change

your week to get a refresher on some Plan basics.

Finally, the Weight Watchers Community is full of people who are succeeding, struggling, and everything in between, just like you. Who knows what nuggets of advice you'll stumble across?

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Worried about cancer, and diabetes, and arthritis, and heart disease? Want to do something to protect yourself? Now you can.

On September 21, 2009, the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), sent out an important press release describing how the most common chronic viruses cause these diseases. The press release starts by quoting Dr. Illa R Singh, an associate professor of pathology at the University of Utah, who said in a recent interview on his study that "for the first time we have analyzed prostate cancer and normal prostate tissue and found cancers are much more likely to have [the chronic XMRV virus]." . "It was also more likely to be present in more aggressive tumors," Singh said. "We found it in 20 percent of the least aggressive tumors and over 45 percent of the most aggressive tumors."

Then the press release reminded us that more and more studies find chronic viruses living in tumors, exactly as predicted by Dr. Hanan Polansky in his highly acclaimed 2003 "purple book." According to Dr. Polansky, a chronic virus is a genetic parasite. In high concentrations, the virus "starves" certain human genes and forces them to behave as if they have been mutated, leading to cancer and other diseases.

The beauty of the press release is in the next section. This section offers a metaphor to help those of us that don't have a solid background in biology. It is asking us to think of the nucleus inside the cell, where the chronic viruses live, as oil extraction machine a field with many flowers. To bear fruits, these flowers need to be pollinated by bees. Now take a chronic virus and think of it as another flower that migrated into this field. The viral flower is also dependent on the bees for pollination. However, the viral flower has a very strong scent and brighter colors. What is the effect of the new flower on the local flowers? The bees, that used to pollinate the local flowers, now hover most of the time over the viral flowers. The result? The production of fruits by the local flowers declines. And since many animals are dependent on these fruits, the entire ecosystem is suffering. The "starved" human genes stop the production of their "fruits," or proteins. In technical terms, we can say that the human genes behave as if they've mutated. (They were not mutated, by to a confused scientist they look like they were!) Now what happens to the host in general? Without the important proteins, the cell starts to behave strangely, and the host starts to show the symptoms of a major disease.

This is how one should explain abstract ideas! This is how you get us interested!

And this beautiful explanation is not the end of it. The press release finishes with an important announcement. As it turns out, the Starved Gene was not just another discovery. It actually led the scientists at oil expeller polyDNA to develop a new dietary supplement that targets many of the most common chronic viruses. To develop the supplement, the scientists used a unique process. First, they downloaded thousands of scientific articles, which were published in scientific journals. Then, they analyzed the content of these articles with their in-house bio-informatics-based computer program. Finally, they used the computer results to identify the natural compounds with the strongest and safest antiviral effect. These compounds were the basic ingredients in the Gene-Eden formulation. Now, this quite an impressive achievement. The polyDNA process produced a nutritional supplement that targets some of the most common viruses, such as Epstein Barr (EBV), Herpes, Hepatitis, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), or Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

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These days we're going to check out the Mobile Product Challenge. You'll verify a lot of "SUPER COOL" examples coming from many years recent. Some instances will be Animations initiatives, cut on interest rates often be songs/raps, nevertheless people is going to be poetry. It is also possible to choose what ever beats by monster beats dre justin bieber edition class you wish for the Mobile or portable Project determined by what we love to do, And so, if you want to start a 3D Cell, break out the actual scissers plus glue and get began. Or maybe" if you wish to create an audio lesson, take out the cello and begin wrting. Enjoy the fun doing your task and never stop must Mrs. Jogger and also Skip Ruhnke should you have questions,

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After four long months, it finally over. The monster beats human Honey Monster beat warbling Theo Walcott and the orange Incredible Hulk to become the nation karaoke champion. By which I mean that James Arthur saw off Jahmazing Jermajesty Douglas and off-duty Scouse drag queen Christopher Maloney to take The X Factor crown.

It was the right result: Arthur is the most musically gifted, most charismatic and most normal of the three finalists. Certainly the only one you can imagine going for a pint with. His triumph also gives hope everywhere to awkward lunks with donkey teeth and Deirdre Barlow specs.

The real series winner, however, was judge Nicole Scherzinger, who mentored the top two acts. Previously known only as a glorified stripper who pretends to date Lewis Hamilton, Scherzy recast herself as the nation favourite insane big sister. Even LouLou Walsh admitted last ight that she was the show best mentor ever. She also invented a whole new nonsensical language (see last night jah-jazzled, shamazeballs all over the place and in your face wept at the drop of a hat, seemed tipsy at times but was the only judge who looked like she was remotely enjoying herself. Along with Rylan Clark (who reappeared last night, fur-clad and honking out Wham! from a sleigh pulled by topless hunks), she was a rare ray of ridiculous sunshine in what became a funereal few months.

The series voting stats were released last night and make for surprisingly fascinating reading, mainly because Baloney was way out in front for seven weeks of the nine. Mr Shaky Hands Man slipped down the standings in late November possibly because apathetic viewers were spurred into voting by the shock exit of Ella Henderson, possibly linked to the negative Maloney stories that started mysteriously appearing in the press when it looked like he might win. No wonder he's fuming, you might think, but it hard to have much sympathy for the thick-necked, nan-fixated singing baked bean.

So what now for Simon Cowell ailing franchise? Ratings are down several million and the show is at risk of entering inexorable decline, so expect big changes next year. Scherzinger is the only judge who deserves to keep her place, but the entire panel could change. Cowell has reportedly been trying to persuade Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue to return. He love Cheryl Cole back too but her suing the US version for unfair dismissal puts the kibosh on that. Gobby Spice Girl Mel B, after she entertained and irritated in equal measure as a guest judge this year, is also in the frame.

The hirsute svengali might need to ride to the rescue himself, like he did by returning to Britain Got Talent last year. All he needs then is a male judge to bounce off/bicker with flirtatiously, a la David Walliams. Don be surprised if Noel Gallagher or Robbie Williams gets the call. Or because Cowell obsessed with yoof and credibility, could he even ask someone like Dizzee Rascal? ITV might also move the show earlier in the schedules, so it not asking kids to stay up til 10pm and can become a ready to go out background watch, like Blind Date back in the day or Take Me Out these days. Although this would mean going head-to-head with the resurgent Strictly.

Cowell should also seriously consider making the show shorter. The hour-long audition shows work fine but once the contest reaches the later stages and they bloat to two hours plus results show, they start to seriously test our patience. This weekend final was four hours spread over two nights. Last night epic, which was basically just announcing a name, was preposterously padded at two hours. An hour or 90 minutes would have upped the pace, kept us interested and meant we could switch over for Homeland afterwards. Greed is good, in Cowell and the commercial broadcaster eyes, but viewer goodwill counts too.

In the meantime, Arthur releases his winner single a respectable if plodding rendition of Impossible by Shontelle and gets to bask in the glory of being the first contender ever to bounce back from appearing in the bottom two and win. After that, well It time! To face! The dentist! Then try to avoid becoming the next Matt Cardle. Good luck, big guy.

Asking Tom Cruise about soccerball is a Risky Business

Well, that was a Sunday afternoon treat no-one expected: an exclusive interview with thumb-sized A-lister Tom Cruise and grizzled Godfather actor Robert Duvall. So who was asking the questions here? Letterman? Parky? Wossy? Norton? Nope, it was Sky Sports touchline doughball Geoff Shreeves on Super Sunday coverage of the Manchester derby. Cruise had come to watch the at the behest of buddy David Beckham and got collared for a chat in the players tunnel, which must have given him Jerry Maguire flashbacks.

Shreeves asked the Cruiser his thoughts on the game, which was a bit like eliciting his opinions on being tall. It was a cringe-making bit of TV worthy of Alan Partridge but fortunately, Duvall saved the day. Despite asking, there a shootout if there's a tie?" (cut him monster beats headphones some slack, he 81 and mainly watches World Cups), he knows his football, having starred alongside Ally McCoist in 2001 football film A Shot At Glory, and gave a heartfelt tribute to Lisbon Lions hero Wee Jimmy Johnstone.

Sadly, the match itself was too eventful for the commentators to crowbar in many gratuitous Cruise gags. I was looking forward to a City comeback being Impossible Roberto Mancini needing Sheikh Mansour to him the money during the transfer window or injured Shinji Kagawa being called Lost Samurai Still, Rio Ferdinand did have his Eyes Wide Shut as that coin hit him.

There goes The Fear

Brighton gangster saga The Fear, stripped across four nights on Channel 4 last week, was a late contender for British dramas of 2012 lists, probably nudging into the top ten. Peter Mullan gave a commanding, BAFTA-worthy performance as the crime boss losing his mind to Alzheimers, lurching from menace to vulnerability. As his sons, Harry Lloyd (aka villainous Viserys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones) pouted charismatically, while Paul Nicholls (aka Mad Joe Wicks from EastEnders) didn wear a tinfoil hat or mention Satan once. But why was this stylish, classy and clearly pretty costly production scheduled so daftly? Few people can commit to four nights in a row, let alone in early December when there boozing/gift-buying/more boozing to do. Ratings reflected this, with a disappointing 800,000 tuning in. A wonderful drama but a rather wasted one.

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I wonder why Garry Trudeau chose to devote this week's strips to recapitulating what his regular readers have known and accepted to the point of taking it for granted for years.

Mike Doonesbury isn't the central character anymore.

As if the title has ever just referred to a character. It's been a brand name almost since the beginning. But still. Alex has been the heart of the strip for at least five years, since she went off to college. (She's in grad school now.) And she started moving front and center well before that. Mike Doonesbury was never the star of Doonesbury. He was the centering character more than the central one and the strip was never about him. The same has been true for Alex since she's been taking over. The strip isn't about her.

Doonesbury is about the way we live now. All the main characters have been our guides into whatever neighborhoods of the zeitgeist Trudeau has decided to explore. This is why it hasn't mattered when any or all of them have disappeared for extended periods of time. took the coaching job at Walden and the two of them became the only two of the main characters responsible for taking care of the next generation. Trudeau has never used his characters' parenthood to explore that theme. Over at the Redfern-Caucus house, the story has been adolescent (and arrested adolescent) rebellion and father-son rivalry. Meanwhile, at Mike and Kim's, Alex has been in a sweet and safe way out of their control from the start and in many ways and definitely in her own mind she's been taking care of Mike. she's always been the adult. It's something he had to do. It's the natural progression of the story he began to tell in the mid 1980s when the strip returned from hiatus and Trudeau put into effect the decision he'd made while on break to have his characters start aging in something close to real time.

If he'd gone the Funky Winkerbean route and picked up his characters at the points in their lives where they ought to have been in 1985 if they'd started college in 1970, we'd have met them again in their mid-thirties. Instead, Trudeau ratcheted everybody's age down. They were no longer his contemporaries. They were now nebulously twenty-something. I see it in the lives of my other brothers and sisters as their children are moving all together into young adulthood. I see it in my old friend Gary who played Mike in a Doonesbury revue I put together back in college and who became a grandfather over the winter. I see it in my own life now that Young Ken Mannion has starred college and Oliver is devoting much of his time and energy to developing his future career as a teacher. But I've felt it coming for a good long while.

Possibly because I was watching it happen in Doonesbury.

Like I said, I'm not surprised it's happened. I'm just a little surprised Trudeau feels the need to make a big deal out of it. And, also like I said, I wonder why now.

Maybe it struck him as the right way to follow up on Alex and Toggle's wedding before moving on with Fake Omega Watches having them move on with their lives.

But then, why not now? It's a change worth acknowledging. It's a change that needs to be acknowledged. And I'm not talking about what's going on in the comic strip.

We're not done. But we have to face it. The story of our lives is no longer the story of our life.

There comes a point it's time for the reboot.

Agreed that Trudeau has always, in his own subtle key and ingratiating way (in the original, mostly positive sense of "ingratiating"), been aiming to be our Trollope/Thackeray at the very least. I look forward (nudge, nudge) to a post somewhere down the line about whether Doonesbury or The Wire is the Great American Post-1960 Novel (let get clear enough of the war, *the* war, to have a reasonable picture) and why. Or whether (my vote) they are complementary and both required to tell the story in something like full. (Now, in the shorter time frame of the replica omega watches 21st Century I would throw in Marvel Civil War series, but these -- Doonesbury and The Wire -- are tales woven on a bigger frame.)

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