Fine workmanship, excellent and watch

Fine workmanship, excellent and watch

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The unlikely union of the small university with a designer clothing store has sparked a fashion trend that has surprised many people. Franklin and Marshall Fashion brand has become amazingly popular around the world. There are currently 6 retail stores, belonging to the fashion brand, throughout the world and the brand can also be found in various other department stores. They also can be found online, making it easier to buy the clothes.

How did this Fashion trend begin? The founders of the company Andrea Pensiero and Giuseppe Albarelli were browsing through some second hand clothes at a London shop when they stumbled upon an old, blue university sweat shirt. They were intrigued by the logo and saw the potential of creating it into a brand. At the time they did not know the logo belonged to a real life university. It was rolex replica not until 2003 that they made a contract with them to give a percentage of all the brand clothes that they sold in the US. This way both the university and company were happy and given a fair deal.

The company prides itself on producing vintage university logo sports and casual wear, with Italian style. The sweat shirt has become one of their trademarks and blue is also one of the hallmarks of the brand. The trend has taken hold of the young generation all over Japan, Europe and the Middle East. In fact it is rapidly gaining popularity in the Middle Eastern countries, so have decided that three more stores will be built in Kuwait and Dubai.

Despite the fact that Franklin and Marshall Fashion replica rolex watches brand is taken from a university of that name in the US, there is not so much demand for the product in the States. However the company topped 61 million dollars in 2011 in worldwide sales so proves it is popular in other countries. The other reason is the fact that there are many universities branding clothing on the US market already.

This upscale vintage sports brand is popular in other countries in the world. They offer reasonable prices for the high quality and designs that they offer, and this is what consumers love. It is an irresistible union of an old style vintage American university look with Italian quality and style that appeals to so many people around the world. This is what makes Franklin and Marshall such a fun and exciting trend.

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